S_SW 2013 (stop by our venue to fill in the blank!)

10/Mar/2013 @ 11:30 AM 10/Mar/2013 @ 01:00 PM Online Event

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The Event-Program Agenda

For further information:

Email: info@northof41.org

Time Location Event Description
11:30 am Fogo de Chao (3rd & Trinty) Companies setup their display tables, Lounge set up for hosting
12:00 pm Fogo de Chao Venue opens
12:00 pm Fogo de Chao Lunch patio opens (upstairs)
12:00 pm Fogo de Chao Blogger Lounge opens
1:00 pm Fogo de Chao Panel Discussion: “Due North! – Canada’s Success Formula”
1:30 pm Fogo de Chao Panel Discussion: “What is takes to build a winning company”
2:00 pm Fogo de Chao Company Presentations start
2:30 pm Fogo de Chao Happy Hour Networking
5:00 pm Fogo de Chao Wrap up
10:00 pm Parkside (6th and San Jacinto) Party at the Lounge
2:00 am Parkside Party Wraps up

Date: Saturday March 10, 2013

Time Location Event Description
1:00 pm Downtown Austin Pickup Hockey Game

Participant Companies

Printchomp www.printchomp.com
Printchomp is a market-place platform that helps you with every type of print goods. It is your real time marketplace for print goods. They make the process of searching, ordering and tracking your print job easier.
Digital Retail Apps www.digitalretailapps.com
Digital Retail Apps is the provider of SelfPay, the easy and convenient in-aisle anywhere way to pay for in-store purchases. SelfPay aims to change the traditional in-store payment and checkout process by allowing consumers to check themselves out from anywhere in-store and receive contextual and timely offers directly on their mobile device.
Shiny Ads www.shinyads.com
Shiny Ads provides an end-to-end programmatic guaranteed advertising platform for digital publishers to sell more premium inventory for increased revenues and profits. By automating the process for advertisers of all sizes, Shiny Ads allows the direct sales team to focus on more complex ad buys and close more deals.
Deja Set www.dejaset.com
DejaSet provides a technology ecosystem, which allows live audio performers to capture and sell their performances immediately after the performance. DejaSets’ Low cost recording solutions bundled with mobile applications for distribution enables these performers to add a new source of revenue through vending the content immediately after the performance.
Venio www.ven.io
Venio is an iPhone App that helps people to “live healthier”. They provide guidance for people to choose a healthy lifestyle by generating intelligent, mobile meal recommendations that are personalized around individual habits, tastes, and preferences.
Big Picture
Big Picture is an unparalleled cloud based application that manages every aspect of a small to medium sized business. Instead of using 30 apps that don’t talk to each other to run your business, get 1 Big Picture.
Shelf Life www.shelflife.net
What is Shelf Life? Put simply, ShelfLife is the future of collecting, ready for your use, today. ShelfLife’s primary goals are: 1. Fully document every collectible ever made (yeah, we know, it’s madness). 2. Provide collectors with the best collection management & marketplace tools on the planet.
Granify www.granify.com
Granify is an Edmonton-based company backed by several of the strongest venture capital firms in Canada and the US. They’re at the intersection of artificial intelligence and e-commerce, providing a SaaS solution that enables online retailers to maximize their sales by using cutting edge big data and machine learning technologies.
Tunezy www.tunezy.com
Tunezy is a music start-up providing a social e-commerce platform for musicians. We help musicians sell the things that actually make them money. We’re disrupting the music industry by catering to the shift in consumer purchasing habits away from recorded music towards more engaging products and experiences.
PPL Connect www.pplconnect.mobi
What if there was a better way to use our smartphones? A way designed around users and our need for constant access to our mobile content. Welcome to the pplconnect* Virtual Smartphone*. The first mobile solution built around giving you full control over your mobile content and the power to decide when and where you access it.
Shoplocket www.shoplocket.com
We want to help decentralize online sales. Storefronts are a thing of the past. Most creative people find themselves with something they want to sell at sometime or the other. Shoplocket makes selling anything online as easy as embedding a Youtube video.