FFCON21 – Breaking Barriers – May 11-13, 2021, Digital

11/May/2021 @ 12:30 PM 13/May/2021 @ 05:00 PM Online Event

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In its 7th year, the 2021 Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo (FFCON21) is an established ecosystem conference that brings markets to life, industry together and advances the growth of fintech in Canada. When you bring smart people together and facilitate engagement, debate and sharing of ideas, the opportunities flow. FFCON21 fosters crucial relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions, government, and major financial stakeholders. Come to FFCON21 for the insights and leave with an inspiration, investment, grow strategies to make your business more resilient, and long term partnerships to transform your business.

Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Open Finance, Investors, Leadership & Innovation

The FFCON21 team gathers world class speakers to drive lively debate and thought provoking discussions. These speakers will be sharing new ideas, important experiences and highlighting interesting developments and challenges. Presentations will explore the latest topics, innovations, emerging regulation and its impact on financial technology markets. Throughout the leadup to FFCON 21 BREAKING BARRIERS from May 11 – 13, 2021, we will be adding to our roster of speakers to enhance your experience.

Immerse yourself in the centre of fintech in Canada 100% Digital!

FFCON21 (Fintech and Financing Conference) started as a vision of how entrepreneurs and big businesses could collaborate, build relationships and advocate for change on their behalf. In its 7th year, FFCON21 represents an expanded gathering of fintech, blockchain, crypto, digital banking, AI, payments, wealthtech, regtech, alternative finance stakeholders and global participants across technology, regulation and government who come together to strengthen Canada’s fintech ecosystem and grow their knowledge, network and business.

Industry led and designed for growth

Learn vital education from leading experts on the latest financial technologies, investment, regulation, best practices and opportunities. Enjoy direct access to both startup and incumbent industry networks, investors, influencers, and participating regulatory and economic development agencies. Discover and celebrate emerging companies from various sectors and growth stages. Participate and interact in engaging sessions, competitions and the people’s choice awards.