Legal Tech Hackathon (June 2nd – 4th, 2017)

02/Jun/2017 @ 08:30 AM 04/Jun/2017 @ 05:00 PM Online Event

To register for this event: https://legaltechhackto.splashthat.com/

Northof41.org together with various partners in the legal tech space are hosting a legal-tech hackathon in downtown Toronto.

We have partnered with IBM and other tech providers to bring together individuals from a technology background with stakeholders from the legal profession.

The Hackathon

Teams of participants will select 1 software-based challenge related to the legal industry to solve over a 48 hr period. Each team will consist of developers, designers, lawyers, data analysts and other professionals who will work together to compete for cash and prizes over the weekend.
The objective will be to go from “ideas to innovation” within a 48 hour period. The finalists will present their winning solutions on Sunday in front of a panel of judges.

What’s The Goal?

The challenge for participants is to produce solutions that will streamline how law firms and legal departments operate. The goal is to reduce costs to clients and the delivery of legal services while increasing the efficiencies throughout the process.

The solutions created by teams at this hackathon will help law firms and in-house legal departments to better manage their firms. Data will be analyzed to promote efficiencies from service providers to clients. The aim is to provide real world solutions to reduce costs to end users.

Who Is This Event For?

Lawyers, Software Coders, Paralegals, Managing Partners, In-House Counsel, Company Executives, Entrepreneurs, Software Designers, Data Analysts

The Prizes

The prizes will be a combination of cash money and in kind prizes. There will be multiple prizes which allows more than the winning team to be recognized for their efforts.