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Posterbaord is an app that will transform the way photos are taken, processed and shared around the world both within the advertising industry and across other distribution channels. This app allows users to become reporters by sharing instant happenings with a larger community in a simple and straightforward way. Posterboard creates a unique marketplace where users no longer have to go to the media organizations directly and can even be compensated for their photos The process of reporting a photo to conventional news organizations is complicated, fragmented and differs greatly across organizations. Additionally, users do not receive compensation for their valuable contributions. Posterboard is a citizen photo-reporting app that provides news and other organizations with a consolidated and categorized database of recent and geo-specific news.

Sharing Force

Sharing Force is a new generation marketing platform that enables businesses to reward their customers for promoting their web sites, products and services to family and friends through their Social Networks of choice. Sharing Force offers multiple tools that allow businesses the ability to share, promote, engage and reward. There are four different Affiliate payments attached to each successful share made through Sharing Force:

Direct Referrer gets the most compensation. This is the person who shared the link, and the click was made directly through the link. This means that someone clicked on the link without closing the browser window (and without a period of inactivity of 15 minutes or more).

Initial Referrer gets 10% of the Share Price – this is the person who introduced the sharer to Sharing Force initially (friend). This only happens if the member is already a Sharing Force user, and he or she is an Affiliate of someone.

Master Referrer gets 1% of the Share Price – this is the referrer of the initial referrer, i.e. the member is a Sub-Affiliate of the Master Referrer (friend of friend).

Business Referrer gets 1% of what the business pays out in successful shares – this is the member that got a business to join their affiliate network.

Sequentia Environics

Sequentia Environics is a digital agency. We help clients like HP, Microsoft, and The Globe and Mail build relationships with their communities to drive traffic, generate sales, build loyalty, find efficiencies, and gain insights. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to market leaders across all industry verticals and geographic markets. Sequentia has helped our clients elevate their brand profile, increase revenue, nurture prospect relationships, cultivate customer advocates and further innovation through social and community programs. Our work has transformed client businesses, generated millions of dollars in revenues and fostered deep and longstanding customer relationships. Interpreter is our proprietary software which we are launching publicly in September 2011. It helps you measure, analyze, and compare the effectiveness of social media channels and content.


Needium is the first real‐time social media local lead generation service. The product came out of Beta in January 2011 and has experienced accelerating uptake from its direct sales and large media channel/reseller go‐to‐market strategies. 300+ advertisers (retail and wholesale) are currently managed by the company. Eight resellers (including four large, North American local media publishers) are reselling the white-label version of the service with many more in the business development pipeline.

Needium is the first platform to combine implicit and explicit data and metadata for content analysis, geo-location and user intent on social networks. The semantic, location and prioritization engines process, augment, aggregate, index and serve this information in real-time to small and medium-sized business categories in specific cities. We have a significant lead in the social local leads market: matching opportunities to specific merchants that can fulfill that need.

Bering Media

Bering Media unlocks true zip+4 targeting online. Until now, only the post office could reach customers at scale with neighborhood level accuracy. Online, this requires the cooperation of the Internet Service Providers and with our privacy technology we bring zip+4 targeting online without any cost to consumer privacy. We believe that privacy and functionality can exist in lockstep without tradeoffs. As an advertiser, you already know where your customers live you’ve spent the millions on market research and you’ve built your offline marketing models. At Bering, we want to simplify online media planning and let you use those offline models. No need to worry about cookies or someone else’s definition of an auto-intender, use the marketing tools you already have. Target customers who live a few miles from the local store. Use your own segment definitions and offline market research to create custom audiences. You can even leverage your own CRM database, online. Everything offline is addressed by the post office, while everything online is addressed by IP addresses. Our technology acts as the online bridge to the offline world, without disclosing any subscriber information.

Social Seek

Sensidea develops social and mobile applications that push experience, scale, and simplicity forward. The result is joy to people everywhere and real value to business. We’re currently focused on our product Socialseek, which delivers real brand engagement and social media ROI through a fun, addicting experience for fans and consumers.

The Problem

Ask any CMO what their return on social media investment is and they’re either not happy or have no idea. Brands spend millions pushing their message on social media networks hoping to engage with consumers however, they’re sending them away to 3rd parties like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where its hard to rise above noise, keep attention, be sticky, and effectively promote. Brands are chasing ‘friends’ while losing brand value and marketing ROI.

The Solution

Socialseek brings together all the social media content people crave on any topic into one beautiful, real-time dashboard at Socialseek or embedded on a brand’s website. Consumers get to view, share, and chat in a fun, addicting experience, while brands rise above the noise, grow their audience, increase engagement, and advertise to an already engaged fan base. In addition, brands gain tools to implicitly enable consumers as brand advocates, get analytics on how consumers are interacting with them in social media, and can embed the full experience on their company web page; driving traffic to their brand not away from it. It all adds up to real brand engagement and social media ROI.