Tech Day on Parliament Hill (October 3rd, 2017 – Ottawa, Ontario)

03/Oct/2017 @ 08:00 AM 03/Oct/2017 @ 05:30 PM Online Event

To register for this event: http://sho.co/19DWP

This is the 3rd Annual Tech Day on Parliament Hill hosted by North of 41.org. This event is designed to connect tech entrepreneurs with the policy decision-makers on Parliament Hill. Staffers, MPPs, Senators and other stakeholders can meet and learn about the issues that those in the tech sector currently encounter.
By being a part of Tech Day on Parliament Hill, your company has the unique opportunity to participate in and contribute towards the growth of this innovative event. Traditionally, there has been a large disconnect between the tech industry and law makers. Both groups have significant impact but their lines of communication are rarely open. Tech Day will bridge that gap and facilitate both groups to educate each other about issues that affect each group regularly.
The five themes throughout the day will include but are not limited to the following:
1. Job Creation and Retraining in the Tech Sector
2. Cyber Security and the Need to be Prepared
3. Tech & Knowledge Transfer between Academia, Government and Industry
4. Need to Support Growing Sectors in Tech (AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Fintech)
5. Proposed Tax Changes to Private Tech Corporations
Click here http://sho.co/19DWP to learn what Tech Day on Parliament Hill is all about.



8:00 am Registration

8:30 am Breakfast Tech Roundtable Discussion

9:00 am Panel Discussion – Cyber Security (including 15 mins Q&A)

10:00 am Panel Discussion – Machine Learning & A.I., Big Data (including 15 mins Q&A)

11:00 am Tips & Tricks of Meetings with MP’s Staffers


12:00 pm Working Lunch – NAFTA and its Effect on the Tech Community

Experts will give us their insight as to what the final agreement will look like from a tech business perspective

1:00 pm Present talking points and issues that should be highlighted

1:30 pm Meetings with MPs and Staffers on the Hill

Those that haven’t requested meetings can do the following:
1. Tour Parliament Hill

2. Executive Time to check in with the office

3. Question Period

5:00 pm Setup for the Reception


5:30 pm Reception until 8:00pm with MPs and Staffers (Companies will demo their technology)