AmCham Webinar with the Buffalo Bills – September 29

    AmCham is pleased to invite you to a webinar featuring Kim Pegula, Owner and President of the Buffalo Bills, and Jason Sinnarajah, Senior Vice President of Business Administration of the Buffalo Bills, that will take place on Tuesday September 29 at 10:00AM. This webinar will provide a unique opportunity to hear senior leadership at the Buffalo Bills discuss the issues faced and opportunities presented during this period which is unlike anything the team and its community has faced in the history of the franchise.

    This webinar will take place via the Zoom platform provided by Global Public Affairs.

    Event Detail

    Sep 29, 2020 | 10:00 AM

    Our Speakers


    Kim Pegula
    President – Owner @Buffalo Bills


    Jason Sinnarajah
    SVP – Business Administration @Buffalo Bills


    David Olsen
    Regional President and Principal Officer @PNC Bank Canada Branch

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